You’re welcome to see the fantastic nature park „Svētavots”. Spring water, which has unbelievable power to make eye light brighter and to heal body, is flowing through the whole park.

When you’ve got down the steep slope to the bottom of the ravine, there’s a feeling you’re at fairy-tale kingdom. At the center, from a powerful sandstone rock layers in curbed bed flows clear water spring. Directly above it is sitting an angel and giving blessing to the spring full of secrets. From low-altitude flowing water lisp fulfills the windless calm. The park is furnished with benches, picnic place, smoke-house and also outdoor jacuzzi that is filled with spring water.

You’ll have unique chance to hear the secret legend of “Svetavots” and to do an ancient ritual – you’ll be able to fill your body up with the power from spring “Svetavots”. You’ll be able to see and to take pictures of “Svetavots” Nature Park; these will be unforgettable memories and emotions.

Entrance fee:

Adults 3.00 EUR
Children under 10 years 1.50 EUR



To make your wedding more special, we kindly invite the newly married couple to an excursion at “Svētavots” Nature Park. You’ll hear the secret legend of “Svētavots” in a romantic atmosphere. You’ll have a unique chance to do antique ritual that will make the newly married couple even closer.

Anniversaries and picnics

You can make a picnic in a cheerful friends company or invite guests to anniversary celebration.

We guarantee:

  • Laying the table;
  • Outdoor grill;
  • Smoke-house


The seven-seated outdoor Jacuzzi invites you to unforgettable relaxation. This is the only place in Eastern Europe where you have a exclusive chance to enjoy massage in a Jacuzzi that is filled with real, clear as crystal spring water without any admixtures.

Here you will give a rest to your body and increase your energy.