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“Cirulisi” are situated on the Southwester side of city Cesis, not far from Gauja. Sanatorium occupies 74.2 hectares of territory of Gauja National Park, 13 hectares are built up. History of health resort goes back to 30-ies. After the last “Cirulisi” owner countess Alise Fon Zeikere emigrated, children summer camps were established (5th corps today). There was a Hospital of German officer’s at LTK and only the highest rank officers were served there.

1944 – at the beginning pioneer camp later sanatorium.
1945 – at the end of this year 56 people rest there. Director Kolvakoja – a doctor from Cesis.
1946-1952 rest house director was Peteris Streinokovs.
After the war the territory was like a swamp – tank rutted roads. Some greenhouses were already there.
1952-1958 director of rest house was Peteris Naudzukovs.
1958-1974 director of rest house was Olga Sudnikova and 330 to 500 people rested there.
1974-1980 family pensions, director – Vinters Voiters. 808 to 1000 people rested there.
1980-1984 director was Valdis Kokle.
1984-1986 director was Valdis Bazis.
1986 – it changed to health resort, polyclinic and pension “Cirulisi”- chief doctor was Uldis Likops. Care of respiratory organs and stomach, gut diseases where taken from that time.
1987-1998 director was Janis Igainus.
1998 till now days – Veselîbas centrs 4 – director Maris Revalds